Why Beeswax

We’re a little biased, but we think every candle lover would prefer beeswax candles among the rest.
Our beeswax candles emit a naturally soft, warm yellow glow and a subtle scent of honey. It’s their natural brilliance which sets beeswax candles apart from the rest.
Actually, how much do you know about the candles you burn?
When reading about the properties of different waxes, and most of which are contained in the most expensive and notable candle companies in the world, the alarming reality acted as the catalyst to the creation of Aunty Lucy’s candles.
Paraffin candles are a by-product of petrol, and are produced from crude oil. They are used in most candles you will know to be expensive and “luxurious”. However, paraffin wax is some of the cheapest to purchase and easiest to work with when it comes to candle making – consider this the next time you look into purchasing another $70 candle.
Soy wax is a better alternative to this, although  most soybeans are made from genetically modified seeds and are a product of deforestation. Not to mention many soy waxes are often found to contain GMOs.
As we continued to research candle waxes, it became clear about the benefits of beeswax. They are the cleanest candles you can burn. So much so, they clean the air!
Our beeswax candles require no chemical processing, and our wax is sourced from a local micro-beekeeper practicing cruelty-free, sustainable beekeeping, ensuring the protection against the decline of our bee population in Australia.

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