Frequently Asked Questions

Why is beeswax better for the environment?

Beeswax comes from beehives cared for by apiarists. It’s a by-product of the hive and is extracted at certain points in the year. Beeswax is a naturally occurring product that coincides with the uptake of beekeepers looking to help maintain the life of bees within the country. As people look to help fight the decline of the bee, the will be producing beeswax as a result. 

Soy and paraffin are taken from the earth. While many view soy as a sustainable product, this is not usually the case. It contributes to deforestation and low labour costs to aid in the increasing production of the commodity. You can read about what the WWF are doing to help reduce soy farming’s damage to the global environment here:

Paraffin comes from mining the earth (need we say more?) It is a by-product of crude oil and is sold by mining companies. It’s the fastest burning wax, and cheapest wax sold wholesale, meaning the consumer ends up with a candle that’s harmed the environment, will burn quicker than any other candle, and has usually paid an outrageous markup retail price. The most expensive, notable candles at the moment are made from paraffin. You definitely won’t get the best burn for your buck.

Why don't you use fragrance oils?

The answer is simple, we like to keep things natural at Aunty Lucy’s. Fragrance oils are synthetically made in labs to mimic the scents of natural products. We’ve decided to use essential oils or natural blends to ensure our candles are completely natural. This principle of ours means that many synthetic scents people love of other candles is not supplied by us. It makes finding and deciding on our scents tough, as we know many people want particular scents in their candles which we can’t offer. But in sticking to our values, we’re comfortable and proud to offer the range of natural fragrances we do.

How long should my candle burn for?

Beeswax is superior to all other waxes. One reason for this is it’s higher melting temperature. This means beeswax burns slower than any other wax, ensuring you get the longest burn possible. Depending on the candle you purchase and the conditions you burn your candle in, the burn time will vary. Our pillars burn longer than our jars, from about 60 to 100 hours. But the added essential oil can cause the burning to quicken. Whether you burn your candles in a draft can also impact the burn time. Approximate burn times of each candle are listed in the product description.

Will my pillar candles drip and cause a mess?

No siree! Provided your candles are not burning in a drat, 100% natural beeswax candles do not drip on the outside of the mould. Just another magical element to natural beeswax! However, just to be safe, we have cork coasters for your pillars to catch any dripping wax.

How long should I burn my candle for?

For the first burn, we recommend burning for at least two hours for jars, and four hours for pillars. However, we understand most people don’t have that time handy, so burn for as long as you can until you have to leave your candle. At this point, extinguish the flame – never leave your candle burning unattended.

My candle has cracked, what does this mean?

Beeswax has an incredibly high melting point making it the longest lasting wax to burn. The cracks will appear naturally and won’t affect the performance of your candle. This happens because beeswax is incredibly susceptible to external influences, making it the most difficult wax to work with. When cracking occurs, usually it mean that the temperature of the room in which the candle is sitting is much colder than the temperature of the candle. This disparity in temperatures causes the candle to harden too quickly for it form back together again, resulting in cracks.  Our candles are 100% natural which means cracking is a likely occurrence. Soy and Paraffin candles don’t crack as they are easier to work with, having often included extra ingredients to ensure perfect adhesion and no cracking. Our candles are imperfectly perfect. Know that when these cracks happen, it’s only evidence of a completely natural product that is better for the environment.

What are your return policies?

If you would like to return your candle, we will happily refund you the cost of the product and shipping you paid to receive it provided you have not lit your candle or damaged it in any way. If you receive a broken candle (jar is broken), take an image of the damage and contact us at and we’ll organise a new one to be sent to the shipping address, free of charge.

You must return your products within 14 days of receiving it to be eligible for the above.

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