At Aunty Lucy’s, we feel as though we know this big secret around the brilliance of beeswax candles compared to the rest. When learning about the benefits of this type of candle, there was no turning back to paraffin or soy.
Our hope for Aunty Lucy’s beeswax products is to educate everyday people in the benefits of natural beeswax. We hope that when you enter peoples homes, you assume that their candles are made of beeswax. We hope that you’re aware that the fragrances you smell in other candles are artificial and chemically created and that burning paraffin candles releases petrol into your air and soy candles are often a product of deforestation.
With this in mind, we know not everyone is ready to give up that smell or look that they have grown to love. Therefore, we’ll help you get there! One beeswax candle at a time.

Custom requests:

  • Add a fragrance to your beeswax candle
  • Add colour dye to your beeswax candle
  • Order beeswax candles for an event
Our custom orders will be custom priced and based on the supplies available that are in line with our values and beliefs.
Fill out our custom form below with your request.

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