About Us

Inspired by the love of family, friends and the natural beauty of the Australian landscape, Aunty Lucy’s candles are made with care and love and are individually poured by Lucy herself, resulting in a unique candle every time.

Our illustrations are that of beautiful Australian beaches spent with family and friends with our first series showcasing that of Tea Tree Bay in Noosa, Queensland.

Handpoured, slowly, in Melbourne, on the land belonging to the Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) people of the Kulin nation, Aunty Lucy’s candles are proudly Australian, with all products sourced from within Australia.
We cannot wait for you to experience the magic!

Aunty Lucy’s greener products

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Beeswax is the cleanest wax you can burn. It’s a renewable resource and is biodegradable.
These amazing qualities drive our desire to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Our Burn & Return program was borne out of the want for everyone to practice reusing products after purchasing them. Either through a creative way of your own, or giving it back to us to recycle for another customer.
We believe there are always ways to live a greener lifestyle, without giving up those things that add a little light to our life. While you may love candles, there’s greener candles you can burn. Beeswax candles are the best example of that.

The magic of natural properties

It’s known to clean your air, stabilize your mood and produce a glow like sunlight. There’s not much beeswax can’t do!
Combined with our various essential oils, Aunty Lucy’s beeswax candles can help ease stress and promote relaxation.
Made with natural wax and natural oils, our candles have no chemical makeup or additives. The benefits of beeswax and essential oils speaks volumes of the incredible powers of the natural earth.

Nature has a healing component, one that we find incredibly present in the ocean and sand. Our love of nature has been bound through our wax, oils and designs to present you with what we like to think is a true ode to mother earth.

The "Aunty" Inspiration

In 2015, I became an Aunty. Since then, the title Aunty Lucy has grown to become more than just a name, but that of an identity filled with joy and love. This identity acted as the inspiration of the product, colours and design you see in Aunty Lucy’s today. Ultimately, family and fun are inspired.
I like to think that when you light a candle of Aunty Lucy’s, the love I have for my family is extended to you through the strong, warm glow of our beeswax candles.

For my gorgeous nieces and nephews, who have wonderfully graced my life in recent years, this is for you.

Love, Aunty

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