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There's a new candle on the block...

We’re a little biased, but we think every candle lover would prefer beeswax candles over the rest. Here’s why:

Nature’s best kept secret

Everyone’s heard of soy & paraffin wax candles. But we think it’s time everyone heard just how superior beeswax can be. Beeswax is the densest wax for candles, which means it burns slower and longer. It’s completely dripless too, so you won’t have to worry about the mess with those pillar candles.

Locally produced and ethically sourced

We like supporting Aussie businesses, so we source our beeswax from an apiarist in Western Australia who’s been in the business for years. We’ve questioned countless beeswax suppliers to ensure we understand and are comfortable with how our supplier cares for their bees.

Cleaner candles, cleaner air

Beeswax has magic powers. They don’t just emit the sweet subtle scent of honey. They also release negative ions to clean the air of nasty particles like mould spores, pollen, odors, germs and dust. Light our candles up and you’ll be breathing the cleanest (and most delicious) air.

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Burn & Return

Once you’ve finished burning through our beeswax, why not put the jar to good use? Instead of throwing it out, send it back to us. You’ll earn credit towards your next purchase (and the planet will love you for it too).

Read about our burn & return offer

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